Get Help Now

When you need help and can't find it another way, the Hub will aim to find a community-led solution to new problems that we all share. The Heights Hub will do what it can to help by staying in touch, providing helpful information and offering practical assistance when asked.

Contact the hub

If you need help or assistance and your existing support networks are not able to provide it, please contact the Hub as follows: 
07952 981401 (Marisa) 
07941 078960 (Jeremy) 
07543 917740 (Patricia)  

How does it work?

We have established a network of Area Focal Points (AFP) who will liaise with the Hub. These are people who live on the Heights and who know their neighbours. 
Once you are registered with the Hub, you will be allocated to an AFP who will be your first point of contact. They will either try to help you directly, or they will seek help for you through the Hub.


The Heights Hub is not an emergency service and it can offer no medical advice or healthcare support. If you need medical intervention, you should follow current guidance from the NHS or if it is an emergency, call the emergency services in the normal way.