Why do this?

Coronavirus (Covid-19) is affecting all of our lives. It's a big problem globally, as well as locally. We don't want to panic, but we do need to be prepared. Unfortunately, government can't do everything.  


On the Heights, we're normally pretty good at dealing with the unexpected, either on our own or with our families and neighbours. Many of us will have good, established networks upon which we routinely rely.    

But these aren't normal times. The current situation has placed huge demands on health and social care, as well as normal shopping and delivery networks, and it may create problems that our normal support networks cannot solve; we all might need a bit of extra support from the wider community.   

If you need help or assistance and you're not able to support yourself through your existing networks, please do not hesitate to make contact with us.     

We're here to help, best we can!

Our area

The area covered by the Heights Hub is shown outlined in blue on the map below. It stretches from Bottacks in the west to the Glen Wyvis Distillery in the east.

Who are we?

We're just a group of Heights folk looking to help our friends and neighbours. We cover most age groups and Heights communities. Some of us are familiar faces, others less well-kent. 


We're not looking to replace any of Facebook pages or WhatsApp groups that are springing up and we're not able to replace the emergency services; we just want to provide additional options for those who may be struggling now or in the future with self-isolation or illness.    

We are also aware that not all Heights residents have access to the internet, so we also want to ensure that those who may not have access to a full range of support network options also have people to lean on.