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The Heights Hub has been set up to help us help ourselves in this challenging time. We are a group of neighbours from across the Dingwall & Strathpeffer Heights looking out for each other, available to help – with information, advice or practical assistance – as required.

Our assumption is that most people will already have support systems upon which they can call. But a time may come when those systems no longer work, perhaps because people upon whom they rely are either ill or self-isolating.  

When this happens, the Hub will aim to find a community-led solution to new problems that we all share. No-one knows what the Coronavirus crisis will bring. But we can know that it will affect us all in big and small ways.

The Heights Hub will do what it can to help by staying in touch, providing helpful information and offering practical assistance when asked.    

Local services

To view a list of local businesses delivering food to your door and providing essential services and support, please click here.

Need help now?

If you need help or assistance now or in the next few days, please click here.

Register with us

If you don't need help just now but would like to plan ahead, you can register your details with us by clicking here.

Get involved

If you would like to volunteer to help us help others in the community, please click here.

At times like these, the strength and value of our communities is all the more important. Community resilience groups are essential to the response and recovery of emergencies such as this one, and I am delighted to see this happening in rural areas like the Heights above Strathpeffer. I would like to thank the volunteers for providing what will essentially be a lifeline service for many in the community during this tough period, and I wish them the very best of luck. We are incredibly lucky in the Highlands & Islands to have so many closeknit communities and it is both encouraging and inspiring to see them pull together under difficult circumstances to support one another. Perhaps we might have a ceilidh on the Heights when this is all over?”

Maree Todd MSP, Minister for Children and Young People
MareeToddMSP - Coronavirus Heights Hub Strathpeffer
A Message of Support from Maree Todd MSP